Give Readers a KISS: Why Brevity Is Best in Content Marketing

The phrase “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” wasn’t coined with content marketing in mind, but the KISS principle applies here, just as it does in many areas of business (and life).

Content marketing copy that’s concise is one of the best ways to get your target audience to fall in love with your content – and ideally your brand.

If you’re wondering why brevity is so important or need some tips on how to cut your copy down to size, check out our expert tips.

And don’t worry – I’ll be brief.

3 Reasons to Keep It Short and Sweet

1. It shows you value your reader’s time. Your potential and current customers are busy. Concise copy shows you understand they don’t always have time to read lengthy blogs or white papers. Sometimes they only have two to five minutes, making shorter pieces ideal.

2. Key points stand out. Complex sentences and long-winded copy often result in the main message getting lost. This defeats the purpose of content marketing. Simple sentences written for the appropriate reading level for your audience are best. When in doubt, write for a level below your target readers to make it even easier for them.

3. It increases loyalty. Straightforward copy does more than save time. It saves brain power. Readers will keep returning for more if you can establish your company as the go-to source for quick, clear information.

6 Tips for KISS-able Copy

1. Get to the point. Creativity can lead to some great content marketing copy, but not if it adds too much fluff to a piece. Focus your creative juices on eye-catching headlines and subheads. Make every word count in the body of the copy.

2. Use short sentences. Many of us tend to write compound sentences – me included. This isn’t the best choice for many marketing pieces. Instead, break them up into two simple sentences for improved readability.

3. Write in the active voice. It’s more concise than the passive voice.

4. Remove unnecessary words. Keep an eye out for these when editing. Carefully evaluate introductory clauses, adverbs, and adjectives. Remove or trim to include only the most relevant and necessary words to convey your message.

5. Use simple language. Twenty-dollar words may show your intelligence, but they stall readers. And remember we want to save them time and brain power. A 10-cent word wins every time.

6. Be prepared to spend some time. Brevity isn’t always easy. Creating engaging, informative, AND concise copy often takes just as much (or more) time than longer pieces. But it’s worth the effort.

With a little work, you can become a master content creator who will have your readers swooning over your copy.

P.S. At Version A, we prioritize conciseness. My goal was to share these best practices in fewer than 500 words. Mission accomplished!

Give Readers a KISS: Why Brevity Is Best in Content Marketing
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