Suffering from Version Control Chaos? 5 Tips for Better Version Control

At first glance, version control seems like it should be an easy task. A document is circulated, people share their comments and edits, and revisions are made. Sounds simple enough, right? Not always. In fact, version control is one of those tricky things where suddenly you find yourself wondering: And the more people there are […]

How Are Your Email Campaigns Doing? 4 Tips to Improve Your Open Rate

If you’re like me, the first thing you do each morning when you check your email is check off the messages that look like spam and hit the “delete” button. We’re all inundated with so many marketing emails that many of us choose to ignore most (if not all) of them. This holds true not […]

How To Spice Up Your Content Marketing

Blogs. White papers. Ebooks. Infographics. Email campaigns. Social media posts. There are so many ways to reach new and existing customers. But your competitors are producing the same types of content with the same goals in mind. So how do you make sure your content stands out? The trick is to spice it up. Boring […]

The Writing Process: It’s NOT What You Imagine

Does this scenario sound familiar? You need to write a short email for a marketing campaign or a quick blog entry for your company’s website. You set aside a short block of time in your day only to wind up staring at a blank page asking yourself, “How has so much time gone by and […]

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