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How to Build Trust and Authority: The Role of Thought Leadership in Content Marketing

Trusted resource. Subject matter expert. Knowledge source. These are just a few ways to describe a thought leader. And while building trust and authority through frequent, high-quality thought leadership content has been a longstanding goal of many content marketing teams, it’s even more important in the age of AI where content can be created with […]

Our New Coworker: 6 Non-Writing Roles AI Plays in Content Marketing

I have a confession to make: I work from home, but I don’t work alone. In fact, I haven’t for some time. And I’m not talking about the wonderful team at Version A. I have a new assistant, and its name is AI. Since the public release of ChatGPT and the host of other generative […]

In Writing, Editing Is Everything

The great misconception about writing – and all artistic work, really – is that content doesn’t take much time or effort to produce. That great writers always pen best-sellers on the first draft. It’s no wonder we’re frustrated when our first drafts look nothing like the final one that exists only in our heads. One […]

4 Qualities of a “Just Right” On-Demand Content Marketing Agency

So you’re thinking about using an on-demand content marketing agency to meet some of your production goals. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about this for a while, or maybe you read our blog discussing the benefits of an external partnership – but you’re not sure where to start. Finding the right fit can be a lot […]

Tame Content Chaos and Manage Expectations with a Menu of Services

Here’s an awesome start to any content marketing manager’s day. You’ve just opened your content calendar and looked with glee at your perfectly planned month. Just the right number of pieces, just the right number of resources. Smooth sailing and clear seas ahead. That’s when your Slack channel goes nuts. Sales needs a last-minute landing […]

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