Tame Content Chaos and Manage Expectations with a Menu of Services

Here’s an awesome start to any content marketing manager’s day. You’ve just opened your content calendar and looked with glee at your perfectly planned month. Just the right number of pieces, just the right number of resources. Smooth sailing and clear seas ahead. That’s when your Slack channel goes nuts. Sales needs a last-minute landing […]

What’s on the Menu? How to Pair Content for a Better Front and Back of House Experience

Running a content marketing team is, in many ways, a lot like running a restaurant. A well-crafted campaign – or a content menu, if you will – requires thoughtful preparation to make sure your patrons are taken on a dining journey that leaves them satisfied, but not overindulged – perhaps even wishing they had just […]

5 Tips for Creating an Editorial Calendar

One of the simplest content marketing tools is also the most powerful: It’s the editorial calendar. Very successful content marketers are more than twice as likely than unsuccessful content marketers to use an editorial calendar (16% versus 7%). I can also tell you from my own experience as a news editor, it makes life a […]

Organization: The Secret Weapon to Effective Content Marketing

I’m the first to admit I run a tight ship. If you ask my family and friends to describe me, “organized” just about always makes the cut. I go into every day armed with a list of what needs to get done, and it gives me great satisfaction when I can cross each and every […]

It’s Not Too Late to WIP It, WIP It Good!

At any given moment, do you know what’s in your WIP? Works-in-progress (WIP) represents your overall pending workload. For content marketing managers, it’s the running list of pieces in various stages of completion. With the right strategy in place to manage this process, all your confections can taste like perfection, provided you don’t get lost […]

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