Unicorns and Rainbows: Taking Consistent Writing from Fiction to Fact

What is consistency and why does it matter? While every industry has its own answers, across-the-board reliability makes success possible. In the world of content creation, whether it takes the form of blogs, emails, infographics, webpages, or ad copy, effective messaging consistently:

  • Captures and holds your audience’s attention
  • Conveys your brand, in your tone and style
  • Motivates readers to engage with your company (and recommend it to others)
  • Adds to the sum of accurate information in the world

While the last bullet paraphrasing Margaret Mead may sound idealistic, it’s actually the most practical. From a dollars and cents perspective, a reputation for providing meaningful information translates into greater readership and, ultimately, increased brand awareness and loyalty.

So, what does it take to accomplish all four objectives, on a regular basis?

A Stable of Experienced Writers (Not Unicorns)

When content is done well, your customers come to rely on your communications as a valuable resource. To keep them returning to your page, their interest has to be continuously piqued, and their curiosity consistently satisfied. It’s the business of writing about your business…not so simple, huh?

Content creation teams recognize this challenge. In fact, it’s the reason we exist! Getting a story to come to life on the page isn’t easy, even when words are the air you breathe.

While you may consider reliable writers to be unicorns, in reality, we’ve simply spent a lot of time in harness. We can deliver the messaging you need because it’s our entire mission. We’ve trained accordingly, our team includes diverse perspectives, and we have supporting resources in place.

A stand-out content creation team can and should include professional writers from a variety of backgrounds. At Version A our foundation is marketing, but we also have over 50 years of combined experience in other fields of writing. This includes journalism, corporate communications, insurance coverage composition, post-graduate research, fiction and creative non-fiction publications, and even military missives.

No matter what brought us to writing, we all have one thing in common: We hone our craft every day. Dedication is what enables a content creation team to reliably deliver the words you need, when you need them.

Consistency and Creativity: Complementary, Not Clashing

Are you experiencing long gaps between posts due to a lack of inspiration? Or maybe your monthly newsletter only ends up going out once every three months. We get it.

No matter what product or service they’re looking for, prospects and clients crave content that’s reliable and stimulating. If you can differentiate your brand by delivering both, you’ll build a substantial following. With regular readership, engagement increases – and you know that’s real gold at the end of the marketing rainbow.

Yet, finding that balance between consistency and creativity is easier said than done. Consistency and creativity are often framed as contradictory qualities, as though to get one you must sacrifice the other. The truth is, it takes both to build brand loyalty.

Fortunately, with the right team of writers in place, you don’t have to sacrifice either one.

Post after post of quality content with a fresh feel doesn’t just happen. A strategic content team can help you craft a plan, create a calendar, and follow through. To keep your posts timely and relevant, we regularly examine current events and trends in light of your audience.

The writing process has many other facets, and there are even more theories on how to go about it. From Stephen King’s “On Writing” to Anne Lamont’s “Bird by Bird,” the experts do agree on one point – creativity requires consistent practice.

How does all of this translate into effective marketing? It comes down to two facts: Your customers want reliable content, and you need reliable writers to deliver it.

When the best writers are on the job, your content will be on schedule and in demand. A consistent and creative approach to maximizing engagement makes for real-world success.

Unicorns and Rainbows: Taking Consistent Writing from Fiction to Fact
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Tara Coughlin

As a writer for Version A, I create content for several of our clients in the technology space. My combined background in liability insurance, military operations, and disaster relief gives me real-world insight into the importance of effective communication, particularly when it comes to logistics and crisis management. When I’m not writing, I play the clarinet. Just kidding! I’m an insatiable traveler and my big picture goal is to see as much of the world as possible. The list is extensive, but my favorite place so far has been the Whitsundays off the east coast of Australia.

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