Why We’re Writing Kindness Into Our Mission

Early this summer, my foot twisted on a bumpy edge of pavement, sending me sprawling. Goofily, I might add. This humiliating incident happened at our local farmers’ market, just moments after we’d stopped at a food truck. The last thing I saw before I hit the ground were multiple layers of my breakfast sandwich sailing […]

The A-List: Inspiration from the Small Screen

For someone who thrives on storytelling, I live in bountiful times. Traditional media – books, radio, and television – have fed me for most of my life. But in the last few years I find myself taking more and more bites from an ever-growing and overflowing buffet. Streaming TV and YouTube offer new ways to […]

The A-List: What Stories Inspired Us in August

As writers and storytellers, we’re voracious consumers of narrative in all its forms – from books and podcasts to movies and television. For us, it’s not just an enjoyable way to spend time. We also discover inspiration and lessons we can apply to our own writing.    That’s why, once a month, we’ve started to […]

High-Quality Content Isn’t an Accident; It’s a Process

It’s a fact of corporate life: Finding the time to write high-caliber copy for blogs, bylined articles, press releases (the list goes on) is exceedingly difficult. Think of all the things coming at you: Emails, projects, reports, meetings. (So. Many. Meetings.) When would you fit it in? The truth is writing is a quiet, time-consuming […]

Introducing: Authentic Expressions

Authentic Expressions is a blog about creating branded content for technology and data companies. It’s written by the team at Version A.

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