Outsourcing? 6 Advantages of an On-Demand Content Marketing Agency

The decision to outsource some of your content marketing work isn’t an easy one. If you’re facing an outsized workload, an extra set of hands can be a fast and easy way to get some additional copy out the door. And while sometimes the outcomes meet your expectations, other times, they fall short.

Why are outsourcing results so inconsistent? Onboarding external resources takes time. They need to learn your messaging, style, and voice. They may also lack the in-depth knowledge of your products and services that’s required to create perfect (or nearly perfect) copy.

The end result? Content marketing managers or someone on their team will need to devote time (probably more than expected) to explain assignments or edit drafts submitted by outside resources.

You can solve this problem by partnering with an on-demand content marketing agency. In doing so, you gain a team of writers, editors, project managers, and content marketing strategists that can deliver the same quality of work as someone on your internal team.

It’s the secret sauce for meeting deadlines and exceeding goals. Here’s why.

6 Benefits of an On-Demand Content Marketing Agency

1. Time savings. Once you onboard the agency, you can hand over responsibility for heavy edits and future training. That’s because their team members will have a collective understanding of your business and marketing goals – institutional knowledge that can be shared, passed along, and leveraged to create polished deliverables.

2. Scalability: As any content marketing manager or director knows, there’s an ebb and flow to production. Sometimes your team is in a strategy phase, while other times you need to produce a long report or white paper in addition to presentations for an upcoming conference. An on-demand agency can step in at a moment’s notice and make sure you meet your deadlines, even when the content queue becomes unwieldy. You have the flexibility to scale your writing team as needed.

3. Affordability: A quality on-demand content marketing agency is an affordable option for staffing. The option to pay per piece on an as-needed basis can help you stay under budget while still hitting your production goals.

4. Quality: One of the biggest concerns with outsourcing content marketing is quality. Will assignments be delivered on time and meet your standards? These worries can be cast aside when you have access to a well-established external team of more than just writers. An on-demand agency will manage the content workflow for you, making sure the copy you receive matches all of the requirements, as well as your voice and style. You’ll also have access to experienced editors who can polish and perfect your copy.

5. Engagement: Believe it or not, you can actually produce more engaging content when you leverage an on-demand content marketing agency. Your team can benefit from their external perspective on your overall strategy and individual pieces. An agency can also bring in subject matter experts on different topics, share lessons learned and best practices from their successes with other clients, and make recommendations around content planning.

6. Partnership: This is perhaps the biggest benefit of using an on-demand agency. They become a true partner that’s fully immersed in your messaging and strategy and fully invested in your success. It can be a huge relief to know you have additional resources you can tap into at any time without having to worry about the quality of the work you’ll receive. A partnership like this allows you to set and meet lofty goals and prove the value of your content marketing team to the organization.

Version A: Where Reality Meets Expectations

The benefits outlined above are the foundation of Version A. We’ve seen firsthand the challenges that can come with using outsourced writers. But we also understand that your internal team isn’t always going to be able to meet the demands placed upon them.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between quantity and quality. So we created a team that can do more than just write good copy. We make use of a proven editorial workflow and hold ourselves to a higher standard. It’s why we named our company Version A.

Our success is built on that of our clients. Nothing thrills us more than helping the content marketing teams we work with produce content that gets more downloads, more clicks, and better engagement. And the A+ reviews we’re getting let us know we’re hitting the mark.

Are you ready to find out what it can be like to work with an expert on-demand content marketing team? See what our clients are saying and unlock the full potential of content marketing.   

Outsourcing? 6 Advantages of an On-Demand Content Marketing Agency
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Heather Scott

As the COO and co-founder of Version A, I’m responsible for making sure our processes run smoothly, our clients are informed, and everyone has what they need to do their jobs efficiently. My love of reading and writing started at a young age, and I’ve been fortunate enough to turn that passion into a career that’s involved research, writing, and editing for a variety of industries, from communications to automation and more. As a self-professed gym rat and organizational nut, I love applying those traits to my work – making sure we deliver well-structured, targeted content that keeps our clients’ marketing efforts healthy and fit.
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