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Music as Muse

For writers, music does more than just set the mood. It can act as the very prompt that carries your creative process. If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you know how much music can affect the entire tone of a narrative. For fans of a certain generation, all you need to be swept back […]

The Writing Process: It’s NOT What You Imagine

Does this scenario sound familiar? You need to write a short email for a marketing campaign or a quick blog entry for your company’s website. You set aside a short block of time in your day only to wind up staring at a blank page asking yourself, “How has so much time gone by and […]

High-Quality Content Isn’t an Accident; It’s a Process

It’s a fact of corporate life: Finding the time to write high-caliber copy for blogs, bylined articles, press releases (the list goes on) is exceedingly difficult. Think of all the things coming at you: Emails, projects, reports, meetings. (So. Many. Meetings.) When would you fit it in? The truth is writing is a quiet, time-consuming […]

Introducing: Authentic Expressions

Authentic Expressions is a blog about creating branded content for technology and data companies. It’s written by the team at Version A.

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